Deeluxe Empire SF 08/09

Deeluxe Empire SF 08/09

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Brand: Deeluxe
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The Empire is our answer for riders looking for a strong and supportive boot to take on any type of terrain. Crank up the triple zone adjustment with BackTrac, and turn a big mountain backcountry into your battlefield.


Section Control Lacing with FLD functio­nality: Triple zone adjustment. Extremely fast and accurate lacing. Pull lace to close, slide cover up to open. It’s really that simple.
Flex window: True flex and ankle support in every riding situation.
Powerstrap: Comfortable tightening option.
TPS Shield: TPS Shields offer exceptional support and distribute even pressure throughout the tongue of the boot. Available on different all Deeluxe boots, TPS Shields are a great option for riders either looking for more edge response or to simply wanting to increase the overall stiffness of the boot.
BackTrac: Looking to take stiffness and support 1 step further? Simply connect the liner to the back cuff of the upper. This direct connection equates to increased leverage and power transmission from edge-to-edge. If you’re looking for a softer and more forgiving ride, the BackTrac feature can be easily disengaged and allow more flex.
Weight: During the most recent design cycle, we have placed a great deal of focus on the overall weight of the boots again. Working with lightweight materials like the 3D Mo­tion Control Backstay have reduced the weight of each boot about 5-10%.
Soft back cuff: Prevents calf bite.
Torsion control nylon shank: Stabilizes the outsole.
Performance Comfort Last: Exceptional fit including progressive forward lean.
Injected light PU midsole: Lightweight, durable, insulating and best shock absorption.
Quad outsole: Traction zones, high quality gripping rubber and air cushion:


The new generation of stitched liners is another milestone in comfort through its “down feather” warm snug fit. Other features are just there to perform in a way to keep the heel in position and support your riding.

Fast Lacing Device: The innovation of the patented FLD closure system created the path for Deeluxe to be the leader in lacing systems. What started as a simple idea, eventually evolved into Section Control Lacing and a new generation of snowboarding boots. Pull lace to close and slide cover up to open - it's really that simple.
Down Feather: The new SF stitched liner is a true innovation in liner technology. Similar to your favourite puffy down jacket, the entire toe box area of the liner is surrounded with feathers. Down Feather comfort offers a cushiony snug fit that keeps the toes nice and warm throughout the day.