Deeluxe Vicious TF 10/11

Deeluxe Vicious TF 10/11

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The black pearl of Deeluxe treasure is back with all of the useful features you expect from a high-end boot. The new SCL 2.0 and the Conquest Sole bring you the best rider/board interface on the market. The new Vicious is a first-class upgrade for those seeking the ultimate in performance, function and micro adjustment combined with style and avant-garde design. Ride the future.

Upper Technology

Dupont Surlyn Highback: The Highback ensures the durability and stability of the boot. Together with additional reinforcements it controls the stiffness of the boot.

Powerstrap: With the help of a Powerstrap the lacing system is enhanced so that the calf and shin areas receive optimal support.

Sympatex Membrane: The Sympatex-Memberane is an environmentally friendly and recycleable membrane that is waterproof and breathable – which keeps your feet dry and warm.

SCL 2.0 : As pioneers in the development of fast lacing systems we are introducing this season the next generation of SCL. With this system we have combined precise lacing and simple handling. A single handle with the well-known Boa System offer probably the best lacing system on the market. It works as easily as our SCL Single: you close the boot by pulling on the handle, but now with the help of the Boa System you can precisely tighten your heel into position.

We call this combination of ease and control the SCL 2.0.

Boa: After more than eight years of cooperative development the names Boa and Deeluxe are nearly synonymous with the simplest and easiest lacing system.


Thermo Flex : This is a heat-molded liner. The liner is heated in a special oven to 90°. While cooling it fits precisely to our foot. Have your liners professionally fitted and for the ultimate liner fit.


Conquest Outsole