Deeluxe Alpha Lara CF 10/11

Deeluxe Alpha Lara CF 10/11

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Brand: Deeluxe
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Upper Technology

Dupont Surlyn Highback: The Highback ensures the durability and stability of the boot. Together with additional reinforcements it controls the stiffness of the boot.

Powerstrap: With the help of a Powerstrap the lacing system is enhanced so that the calf and shin areas receive optimal support.

SCL: The Section Control Lacing system is the most comfortable and precise lacing system. With the help of both handles you can lace and adjust your boots in three zones: forefoot, heel and calf. Even while in your bindings you can make adjustments. SLC is a milestones in speed lacing systems.

Available Liners

Comfort Flex : This Liner was conceived for comfort: you step in and feel at home. It’s just like it should be.


Fishbone Outshole




Soft – Medium