Deeluxe Empire PF 15/16
Deeluxe Empire PF 15/16
Deeluxe Empire PF 15/16
Deeluxe Empire PF 15/16
Deeluxe Empire PF 15/16

Deeluxe Empire PF 15/16

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If you consider the entire mountain your domain, the Empire awaits you.

Our flagship boot features a timeless, symmetrical design for pushing progression. From kickers to cliffs, the Empire can handle it all.

Dupont® Surlyn Highback

The highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness.

D-Tex Membrane

This waterproof and breathable membrane ensures your feet stay warm and dry.

Waterproof Construction

Precise stitching and a sandwich construction ensure water can’t penetrate the boot’s shell. After all, a dry foot is a happy foot.

Powerstrap & Double Powerstrap

By securing the calf in place, the Powerstrap adds additional support to a boot’s lacing ­system.

Section Control ­Lacing

Two handles allow you to adjust the boot’s lacing system and its three target zones.

Asymmetrical Flex for All Mountain Riding

The large flex area and soft reinforcement on the boot’s inside offer maximum comfort. The small flex area and stiff reinforcement on the boot’s outside provide complete support. The defined fold zone in the joint area eliminates bulging to provide strong heel hold and a refined flex.

TPS Shield
Medium & Hard

Available as an accessory, the TPS Shield strengthens a boot’s tongue, providing a stiffer flex and additional support.

Conweb Outsole

The Conweb Outsole features a multi-dimensional hexa­gonal tread. This offers a secure hold in every direction and enhances feel at the boot-board interface. An integrated nylon shank provides torsion control by translating forces throughout the sole and stabilizing it.

   1. EVA Cushion
       EVA is a special material that maintains its flexible properties at all temperatures. EVA provides optimal performance even in extreme cold.
   2. Nylon Shank
       The nylon shank stabilizes your feet, preventing torsion between your heel and forefoot.
   3. Traverse Traction
       Positioned on the sides of the sole, these grip zones provide enhanced lateral hold when crossing slopes.
   4. Gel Cushion
       Gel cushions offer progressive force-distribution properties. These cushions protect your feet against impac

Flex 7 and with TPS Shield 9
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