GNU Hyak 157 BTX 17/18

ALL TERRAIN DIRECTIONAL TWIN It’s value is inherent in its design. The Hyak twin shape snow..

€399,00 €339,00
Lib-Tech 10K Re-Cycler Jacket Skate Banana

EcoMotional energy is the positive social energy generated when you make or wear products that are b..

€230,00 €100,00
Lib-Tech Banana Magic FP 158W C2 BTX 17/18

MAGICAL TWIN FREESTYLE Shape True Twin Contour C2e Mike Olson’s daily driver, art..

€699,00 €550,00
Lib-Tech Boot Sack

100% Polyester 1000D Waterproof Changing Mat to keep feet dry Pull closure to hold your boots..

€30,00 €20,00
Lib-Tech Box Scratcher 154 OP BTX 18/19

TWIN ALL TERRAIN FREESTYLE The Box Scratcher is the creative rider’s go to fun stick. Guara..

€479,00 €430,00
Lib-Tech Ejack Knife OP 159 C3 BTX 18/19

DIRECTIONAL ALL MOUNTAIN FREESTYLE Eric Jackson has ridden it all, from growing up in the park at..

€599,00 €510,00
Lib-Tech Jamie Lynn Half Cap 157 Mid Wide TT C3 16/17

DIRECTIONAL TWIN PURE POWER FREESTYLE Jamie Lynn’s Half Cap snowboard construction maximize..

€599,00 €450,00
Lib-Tech Jamie Lynn Phoenix Nude 154 C3 BTX 16/17

DIRECTIONAL TWIN POWER FREESTYLE Jamie is a no bullshit guy and demands no bullshit snowboards. H..

€579,00 €435,00
Lib-Tech Lando Phoenix 160MW HP C2BTX 18/19

DIRECTIONAL TWIN FREESTYLE / FREERIDE The Lando is a playful technically advanced power freestyle..

€579,00 €499,00
Lib-Tech NAS FREERIDE 168 ReCurve MTX 15/16

Freeskiing! With Magne-traction® Designed by Mt. Baker local and the man who inspired our NAS..

€699,00 €499,00
Lib-Tech NAS FREERIDE 188 ReCurve 13/14

Freeskiing! Designed and ridden by Mt. Baker local & NAS inspirational experiMENTALIST Tory B..

€699,00 €349,00
Lib-Tech NAS WRECKREATE 90 171 17/18

Wreckcreate 90 With Magne-Traction® ALL TERRAIN FRONTSIDE Shape Directional Contour A..

€599,00 €470,00