Deeluxe ID PF Black 19/20

Deeluxe  ID PF Black Team Favorite Since its inception, the ID has been a team favori..

€259,00 €155,00
Deeluxe Indy 06/07

World Champion Gilles Jaquet is closely involved in the development of this boot. This boot is ma..

€400,00 €150,00
Deeluxe Junior 14/15

Just because groms have small feet doesn’t mean they can’t go big. The Junior debuts wit..

€120,00 €85,00
Deeluxe Junior Multi 17/18

Junior Multi Just because groms have small feet doesn’t mean they can’t go big. The J..

€155,00 €99,00
Deeluxe Lace Trim Heel Harness

For extra support to your boot. It can realy help you. ..

Deeluxe Prime Leather 19/20

Deeluxe  Prime Leather Step into winter with the Prime. This premium winter boot features ge..

€130,00 €90,00
Deeluxe Shufle One Junior 13/14

Shuffle is versatile, Shuffle is variable, Shuffle is the all-round-carefree boot and the ideal boot..

€160,00 €100,00
Deeluxe TPS Shield Ultra Hard - Carbon

TPS Shield Available as an accessory, the TPS Shield strengthens the boot’s tongue, p..

Deeluxe Track 325 PF BLACK/WHITE 19/20

TRACK 325 PF Black/White Rule It All Sometimes, one boot does it all. Both weekend warriors an..

Deeluxe Track 425 PRO PF PETROL 19/20

TRACK 425 PRO PF Petrol Refined Racehorse For those who crave speed, the Track 425 Pro is your..

Deeluxe Track 700 PF BLACK 19/20

TRACK 700 PF Black The Need for Speed It’s time to demand more from a boot—and luc..

Deeluxe Vicious TF Black 16/17

Deeluxe  Vicious TF Black 16/17 Charge hard with the Vicious. This freeriding fiend sports a..

€399,00 €199,00