Holmenkol All In One 2.0

All-In-One 2.0 The set consists of compact ski clamps for all ski types and an adapter for snowboa..

Holmenkol Arkansas True Hard

Excellent for fine polishing steel edges. ..

Holmenkol Base Brush Copper

Coarse copper brush for cleaning the base prior to waxing and for brushing off hot wax. Size: 70..

Holmenkol Base Brush Horsehair

For brushing off when preparing the base with glide wax and speed products. Size: 70mm x 120mm ..

Holmenkol Base Brush Nylon

Universal brush for all worksteps of ski preparation. Ideally suitable for polishing up. Size: 70mm ..

Holmenkol Base Brush Soft

The Holmenkol Soft Wax Brush allows you to add a final polish to ski and snowboard or ski bases..

Holmenkol Base Brush Steel Micro Finish

Ultra-Fine brush to completely reveal the structure. Removes all wax residues deep inside the struct..

Holmenkol Base Edge File Guide 0.5°~ 1.5°

For bevelled steel edges on the base side of alpine skis/snowboards. Infinitely variable file guide..

Holmenkol Binding Stopper Colour Mix

Plugs for mounting bindings, various colours. ..

Holmenkol BoardFix

Special snowboard fastener. – For fast and easy horizontal and vertical applications –..

Holmenkol Cleaner 500ml

Cleaner Special cleaning agent and wax remover. – For gentle removal of grease, oil, resin a..

Holmenkol CrossFile Maxi

Body file for edge grinding. Optional for BaseEdge (24450). Size: 300 x 30 mm ..