Deeluxe Deemon Team PF Elias 18/19
Deeluxe Deemon Team PF Elias 18/19
Deeluxe Deemon Team PF Elias 18/19
Deeluxe Deemon Team PF Elias 18/19
Deeluxe Deemon Team PF Elias 18/19
Deeluxe Deemon Team PF Elias 18/19

Deeluxe Deemon Team PF Elias 18/19

Product Code: 571807-1000/9256.100
Brand: Deeluxe
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Deemon Elias Elhardt

Make the entire mountain your playground with the Deemon Elias. With a plush yet responsive ride, Elias Elhardt’s signature boot is at home laying down lines and killing kickers. When it’s time to throw down in the backcountry, tap the Deemon Elias.

Deemon PF 571807-1000/9256 24.0-31.0


Flex Rating 7-10 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – A very stiff boot for a powerful, responsive feel.


The Performance Flex liner is designed to offer premium performance and optimal support. The highback provides stability while special L-shaped pads anchor the heel.

Lacing System

Powerstrap – By securing the calf in place, the Powerstrap adds additional support to a boot's lacing system.


Remedy outsole sports Slytech One foam for additional cushioning in the heel.

Additional Features

Dupont Surlyn Highback: The highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness.

D-Tex Membrane: This waterproof and breathable membrane ensures your feet stay warm and dry.

Waterproof Construction: Precise stitching and a sandwich construction ensure water can’t penetrate the boot’s shell. After all, a dry foot is a happy foot.

By better securing the boot to your shin, the Powerstrap adds additional support to its lacing system.

C3 Lacing: Two separate lacing systems allow you to customize the fit and flex of the heel, forefoot, and shaft zones.

Remedy Outsole: When it’s time to explore, tap the Remedy outsole. Although based on a classic design, this beefy sole has a streamlined silhouette. In addition to shedding weight, this allows crampons to more closely hug the sole. A fade-out profile reduces the boot’s footprint while Slytech One foam in the heel provides additional cushioning. Spikes in the toe area offer unrivaled traction while sharp edges aid in traversing. And thanks to a self-cleaning design, the tread is quick to shed snow and ice.

Custom Flex: Our Custom Flex Construction enables riders to adjust the support and responsiveness of their boots. And to further secure a rider’s feet, this design also features ankle lacing.

TPS Shield: Available as an accessory, the TPS Shield strengthens a boot’s tongue, providing a stiffer flex and additional support.


Flex 7-10
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