Lib-Tech Skateboard Haggard & Proud
Lib-Tech Skateboard Haggard & Proud

Lib-Tech Skateboard Haggard & Proud

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Haggard & Proud

Artist Dirty Adam hails from Portland, Oregon, and is the GodFather of Haggard and Proud. Haggard and Proud is a lifestyle not a notion. Dirty Adam spends his time wrenching on motor cycles and inking tattered up notebooks with his drawings. From a long night at the dive bar to haggard mornings trying to get a coffee fix, Dirty Adam’s world comes to life with this early release pill shape board. Great for all types of skating, this board is perfect for strapping on the back of your motor bike as you trek the badlands or even suitable for a midnight hill bomb to your nearest watering hole. No matter what the case, this haggard shape is ready for destruction. GIT DEAD OR DIE!

Art by Dirty Adam

Cockroach Construction

Last Longer - Pop Higher - Eco Friendly

The craftsmen at Mervin MFG. love skateboarding and building / riding the world’s best boards. Lib Tech skateboards and Cockroach construction are the result of 30 years of composite experimentation and testing. Our skates are radically different than any other skateboard on the market. Built in the USA one at a time by skateboarders using 52 strategically selected components, each board is like a giant cockroach with a tough unsquashable “exo-skeleton” on the outside that includes a poppy fiberglass spine and softer, light, poppy wood encased inside. All 52 components are hand laminated and fused together under heat and pressure using a rugged poppy safe to use low VOC epoxy resin system. Cockroach construction is the longest lasting, highest popping construction money can buy…when it all ends there will be two things left on earth… cockroaches and Lib Tech skates.

You Can’t Kill the Roach


Exo-Skeleton (Outside):

1.Rugged end grain Birch

2.Impact resistant Birch outer rail wood

Guts (Inside):

3.Light poppy renewable vertically laminated aspen inner core

4.Bi-Ax fiber pop enhancement spine

Holding It All Together

5.Poppy, tough, environMENTALly friendly, low VOC epoxy resin system